My Three Kiddos

Sharing a bit about my three kids seems fitting for my third post. These are my 3 favorite kids, and 3 is also my favorite number – probably because threes have always been prevalent around me.

In my family I’m the 3rd girl; 3rd child; born on the 3rd day of the week, on the 3rd day of the year – which I’ve always thought was cool.

My husband is also the 3rd child in his family. Now we have 3 of our own, on loan for the next decade or so.

Yeah, I kind of planned out that part. I particularly like having three kids instead of 2 or 4 because we can’t clump them into pairs for ease of organization or referencing. Some think that makes it harder, but I think it makes it easier to see their individual qualities shining through, which makes it easier for me to understand them and to work with them.


So, here is a bit about our three kiddos.


First, we have our 3rd grader, Duncan. He’s 9, was born in Illinois, and makes faces mostly like this:

DSC03174 (Small)

Some of his favorite things are:

– Monday Night Family Tea Time in his bedroom (that he invented)

– Minecraft, Portal and watching Stampy play Minecraft on Youtube

– Sword fighting and Lego building with his sisters

– Making incredibly long up-side-down videos of random things

– Detailed planning of his lunches, weekend activities, and inventions

– Helping me make soup from scratch

– Writing in his BOY diary, and conversations through notes

– Soaking up his weekend freedoms

DSC03177 (Small)

Foods Duncan loves include: Chamomile tea with honey, Apples, Mini Bell Peppers, Super Greens, All-things Sweet, Every Fresh Fruit in Existence, Frozen-solid Berries (but not frozen berries that have been brought to room temperature), Meat, Spaghetti, Carrots, Very Hot Salsa, and Ancient Blend Smoothies (his creation).

Foods Duncan doesn’t like include: Macaroni, Hot Dogs, Kale chips, Celery, and Cheese (except extra sharp cheddar in isolation OR with Broccoli cheese soup that we make together from scratch).



Then we have our 2nd grader, Fiona. She’ll be 7 in a few weeks, was born in Virginia, and is usually posing like this:

DSC03015 (Small)

Fiona’s favorite things are:

– Reading

– Painting

– Writing plays

– All things that include Intense MOVEMENT

– Improv. Singing and Song Writing

– Loudly Laughing at anything Remotely Funny

– Learning New Crafts on YouTube (while spreading craft supplies all over the house)

– Helping me make Waffles, Cookies, and anything Sweet.


Foods Fiona likes: Salad without dressing, Anything Sweet, Frozen berries (heated up), Veggie Straws, Broccoli, Fresh Kale, Avocados on Toast, Tomatoes, Cheese, Hot Dogs, Macaroni.

Foods Fiona doesn’t like: (Hazel’s favorite) Hexagon Multigrain Crackers, Kale chips, Most of My Soups, Poke-the-Yolk Eggs (aka eggs over easy).



And last we have our Kindergartner, Hazel. She’s 5, was born in North Carolina, and tends to ham it up like this:

DSC02925 (Small)

Hazel’s favorite things are:

– Playing Dead Man on the Trampoline

– Playing Minecraft and Wipe Out on the PS3

– Cuddling up on us like a Cat

– Gardening and Digging in the Dirt

– Hiking and Bringing Pieces of Nature into the House

– Completing her Weekly Homework Packet on Mondays

– Tediously Organizing her Supplies (but she claims to not like organizing)

– Helping us Make Dinner

DSC02922 (Small)

Foods Hazel likes: Kale Chips, Multigrain Crackers with Cheese, PB&J, Chocolate-Almond Milk, Tortilla Chips, Ancient Blend Smoothies, Fruits, Celery, Avocados on Toast, Walnuts with Chocolate Chips, Anything Sweet.

Foods Hazel doesn’t like: Meat (except bacon), Dinner, Dinner, Dinner, and usually Dinner. (She’ll get there.)



Here they are waiting for Hazel to get on her school bus in Washington.

20150220_083438 (Small)

They’ve made me a better life. A harder-working better life.

Next time, I’ll tell you a bit about me and my husband, Russ.


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